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All about PRTG Release 18.2.39 + a Sneak Peek into Our Version Numbers

You probably already know pretty much everything about the PRTG release 18.1.38, which was released on our stable channel in March. If not, please read the article "Security, Healthcare and Much More! Why You Should Update to PRTG Release".

“Internet Slow?” 4 Things That Speed Test Users Must Do

As a sysadmin you already have a partly annoying life. Requests like "Is the internet broken?" are completely normal; and if one asks such questions as "Why is the Internet slow?", you don't mind it at all anymore. A popular lay instrument for the determination of "how slow the internet is today" are "internet speed tests", which exist in plentiful quantities but whose quality varies enormously from one to the other. An internet speed test can give users an accurate indication of how much bandwidth is available to you. However, these pages do not analyze the bandwidth directly – they let, inter alia, test your upload and download bandwidth, giving some idea about the quality of your connection. In this article we want to focus only partially on the question, which internet speed tests are good and reliable (all this comes in a later article), but we want to look at what users should do before such a test to get meaningful results.

Survey: What Is Your Messenger of Choice?

Messenger Apps are an integral part of our lives. However, it is very difficult to say which messenger service is used by which types of people. Not every pimply teenager has Snapchat on his phone, and not every cynical data security skeptic communicates exclusively via Threema. There is a wide range of services available today, many of which combine an appealing design with the promise of protecting chat history data.

5 Important Steps to Survive an IT Emergency

Emergency, maximum velocity! What sounds like a good request if your submarine is under attack does not apply for IT emergency issues. IT emergencies are the worst case in an admin's daily routine. Blessed is the admin who is in possession of a structured and well-planned IT contingency plan.

Automation, Machine Learning, and AI: Is the Sysadmin Becoming Obsolete?

If you're a system administrator, there has probably been some point, whilst automating some or other task, that you've stopped for a second and asked yourself: "Wait, am I automating myself out of a job?" And, perhaps then your mind started drifting a little further down the road: What about Machine Learning? What about the much-vaunted Artificial Intelligence that seems to be merely years away, poised and waiting to steal our jobs?  It's a valid question. As it stands currently, it certainly might seem like we're on a speeding (autonomous) train, hurtling towards a future where system administration tasks will be done by lines of code automatically written by a machine. But how far away is this horrifying future? And what are the stops along the way?

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Will Be the Key to Efficient, Affordable and Globally Available IoT

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), everything that can be networked and monitored in a meaningful way is connected to each other. The basis for all this is usually the mobile network. Although they provide good coverage, WLAN, Bluetooth and the like are not suitable for sporadically sending a small amount of data over many miles. LPWA is the remedy. In this article, we explain exactly what LPWA is and why this technology is celebrated as a core enabler of IoT. We also look at the French company Sigfox and answer the question why we consider Sigfox to be the most important and innovative pioneer in the LPWA field.

The 5 Most Interesting IT Trade Shows You Can’t Miss in 2018

As this year is in full swing and everybody is getting ready for the trade show season, we asked our Pre-sales colleagues about the best trade shows they have visited – and they have attended quite a lot!

PRTG and Your Daily Life #3 - Monitoring Your Home

The Internet of Things represents an interesting new phase for end users, network admins and organizations. It promises to launch a complete new era in network monitoring, where the number of things that are connected to the network and the amount of data they generate will grow exponentially. This is the third part of our IoT series, with which we provide an overview of the areas of our daily life, that can already be monitored with PRTG Network Monitor. Today let’s look at something that we have around us daily and that produces interesting data every second: our own four walls, consisting of the usual technical equipment and all the elements that do not yet provide any data, but could. To make the whole thing more vivid, Paessler employees have designed a miniature house that combines (almost) all the possibilities of an intelligent house. 

Tech News Roundup: Someone Knows Which Disney Princess You Are, Alexa Gets Creepy, and AV1 Is Coming

The March 2018 tech news round-up is dominated by Facebook. Other things happened, too. But mostly Facebook.

[April Fools'] Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in Space is Monitored by PRTG

Right at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, Elon Musk's Tesla Cabriolet broke the 25,000mph speed mark. That's pretty much the maximum speed the Roadster can reach in space on its orbit around the sun. This measurement, along with other data from the Tesla, has been continuously transmitted from space since February 6, 2018 by our PRTG Remote Probe.

Security, Healthcare and Much More! Why You Should Update to PRTG Release

Last month we had to deal with some highly exciting but also time-consuming code enhancements within PRTG Network Monitor. Our development team implemented an important security fix, made improvements to several sensors, and applied some brand-new sensors as well. Let's look at the details of the new release version 18.1.38.x.

4 Vital Tips for Getting the Most Out of Traceroute

Anyone - even users with zero networking experience - can run a traceroute. All you need is a command prompt and a destination device. Yet, despite how easy it is to use, its results are often misunderstood. I once heard a story of a junior network administrator adding up the values for each hop over an entire traceroute report, and then comparing the summed-up result with the result of a ping. I sometimes wonder if he still works as an administrator...

Autism and Early Computers – Curiosity Goes beyond Borders

We at Paessler are happy to help voluntary institutions and initiatives on a regular basis and it is a great pleasure to support the National Museum of Computing in the United Kingdom with a sponsorship of so-called “Relaxed Openings”. The aim of this sponsorship is to enable children with autistic disorders to visit the museum without stress and fear.

Why You Definitely Need to Monitor Your Storage Infrastructure

Last weekend, a good friend of mine had a massive data loss. His data is stored conscientiously on a fail-safe NAS system. An additional standby disk is even available for seamless replacement in the event of a hard disk failure. Nevertheless, his NAS was not available when trying to access it. A ping of the device was possible, but any attempts to access the folder structure led to error messages.

Digitization of the Healthcare Sector in 2018

Doctors’ expectations regarding comprehensive access to patient data are also changing with the advent of digitalization. The goal is to put all the necessary patient data and information at the doctor’s disposal for a medical examination, starting with the patient’s personal data, then patient history, X-rays, or laboratory results.